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End-user License Agreement for

Please carefully read the terms and conditions of this Agreement before using sample images.

* For inquiries about fees and other conditions, please send e-mail.

Please note that parts of the images and expressions shown in META BIOMEDICAL CG LIBRARY (hereinafter as "LIBRARY") differ from the actual human anatomy because a model-based approach has been employed.

The copyright of images posted in LIBRARY Samples (hereinafter as "Sample") is retained by META Corporation Japan. The Sample may be used within the scope of permitted use. For official use or other types of use of the Sample than that provided for in the scope of permitted use, a use application is required.

Scope of Permitted Use
  • You may use the Sample only for the specific purpose of evaluation to determine the introduction or non-introduction of charged Sample. In the case, you have to use the posted image as is, leaving the word SAMPLE.
  • We do not rent the Sample to individuals. The rental is limited to institutions, institutes, corporations, and organizations.
  • You may not reproduce or copy any part of the Sample in any form without the prior consent of META Corporation Japan.
Use application may be turned down
Please note that use applications may be rejected by reason of the judgment made by META Corporation Japan that the method of use or intended use purpose might adversely affect the impression of the LIBRARY or by reason of other judgments made by META Corporation Japan. (For instance: psychotic expressions, case that might pose threat of false recognition or distortion of scientific facts, and case that many applications have been received for same intended use.)

Exemption of Liability

Meta Corporation Japan is not liable for any and all results arose from use of any program and/or data contained in the LIBRARY.

Contact address for inquiries : (Please send your inquiry by e-mail.)
META Corporation Japan
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3-banchi, Shinano-machi
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0016
TEL: 81+3-3341-4531 FAX: 81+3-3341-4532
E-mail:mail URL:http://www.metaco.co.jp

Frequently asked Q&A

If you acknowledge your acceptance and agreement of the terms and conditions, please proceed to the Sample image collection.

If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you are not authorized to use the LIBRARY.