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META of our company name META Corporation Japan stands for medicine, education, technology, and art. The mark of the company is designed to represent the state of medicine, education, and art being fused. We "visualize" mutielemental and mutldimensional information of the fields of science, medicine, and biology - which is difficult to comprehend - by means of advanced expressive technologies including 3D stereoscopic viewing, and thereby convey such visualized information that feels real through the five senses.
This is the mission of META Corporation Japan.

July 2, 2014   Science SignalingOur CG image was chosen as the online cover of "Science Signaling"!

Press release of National Cancer Center (in japanese)
November 26, 2013   Medical KOS is now available on the App Store.
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Medical KOS Contents
March 24, 2013   Actioforma KOS is now available on the App Store.
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March 2, 2013 spacer.gif We gave demonstrations in International Symposium on Development of Medical Technologies for Treating Intractable Cancers and Cardiovascular Diseases.
Stereoscopic Visualization of the Results of Computational Simulation Using UT-Heart
February 12, 2013 spacer.gif Eiji Takaoki, Ph.D, the president of META Corporation Japan, Ltd. gave a lecture and demonstrations in Stereoscopic 3D CG Workshop.
4K S3D Contents in Medical Imaging and Education