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Company Name
META Corporation Japan Ltd.

Company Principles
META Corporation Japan was established in 1988 for the purpose of providing the environment that allows humankind to have a better understanding of "human beings" more totally through integration of all types of knowledge that world medical and life scientists possess.

To achieve this, initially our efforts were focused on the construction of three dimensional data base of the human body; modeling from human body shape, skeleton, muscles, internal organs, nervous system, blood vessels to more evolved precise and detailed cells and DNAs. The system for providing and browsing these data was developed in parallel.

We will provide, for the future, contents that are useful in all scenes of medical/medical care education, clinic and research for medical science and basic co-medical education of beginner to specialist's levels, as well as systems intended to use these contents. Through these, we will aim for making effective contributions to keeping "human beings" healthy and thereby expect to be ale to deepen understanding of "human beings."
At the time we consider it necessary to point out that the contents of earlier primary school education are important to gain effects in later education of medical science and medical care. Without curiosity with reverence for life and without nurturing the mind that tries to scientifically elucidate mechanisms of life systems, technologies as well as knowledge related to "human beings" will not bear fruit. Moreover, we will make full use of advanced technologies and provide opportunities to children for experiential learning of shapes of various living matters that cannot be conveyed by print materials such as pictorial books - this is one of our important roles.

In order to further proceed to translate these principles into reality, we will develop both contents and systems in an integrated manner. And we hope that more groups and individuals will use them, and as a result it will contribute to keeping and promoting people's health and to the development of life science.

Head Office Location
401 S. Court
3-banchi, Shinano-machi
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0016
For inquiries, mail : mail

Date of Establishment
March 14, 1988

Board Members
President & Representative Director: Eiji Takaoki
Director: Michiru Minagawa
Director: Hiroko Nawa
Auditor: Junko Akita

40 million yen